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Explore an island growing from the deep.

Source code with full commit history is here (one shouldn't learn programming by this code though for it's quick & dirty): https://github.com/starry-abyss/ld34

The game was originally made for Ludum Dare #34 competition (http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-34/?action=p...).

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great game! love the idea, the discovering of the island. like it

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Good original idea. I like it.
But... too short. It's may be twice longer.

WOW this game has such a neat theme. the only thing was the controls were hard but other wize i loved it.

I really liked this game, the concept and axecution are really good, the only problem i found where the controls, sometimes i just wanted to go a little bit forward and the character would end up jumping, but it did not happen often to be frustrating.

In conclusion the game is very simple and a very good way to spend some minutes.

I like this game :D