A downloadable game for Windows

Shoot, run, hide.

Use a mirror to look into another dimension before it will look into you.

Controls are described in Pause menu (Esc or P key), and also below.

Thanks for checking out the game :)

 LMB - shoot
RMB or Q - switch mode (gun/mirror)
R - Reload
E or LMB - Rotate mirror
Ctrl or C - Crouch
Esc or P - Pause

Pavel Grebnev - Programming

me - Programming & AI

Egor Ivanitsky - Art & Level Design

Bernard Machado - Sound & Music

Engine & Libs: Unreal Engine, FMOD

Fonts: Roboto, Courier Prime, Dancing Script


build7.7z 146 MB


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A small blog post about development retrospective (postmortem).
Check it out to see how the ghost reflection was implemented, what details you can notice looking at the gun, and what was cut from the game.


Watch Joshua's Indie Game Showcase 2020-02-23 (Asymmetrical Jam) from MrJoshuaMcLean on www.twitch.tv

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Thanks you very much for recording, sorry that all is lagging, need to optimize... :/ We managed to get it to 30 fps for my PC (weakest in the team) by the end of the jam, but still not enough.